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Solar Panels: Just one of many renewable energy choices


SKY Renewable Energy makes it easy for you to have an environmentally friendly home or business! SKY Renewable Energy is an established alternative energy contracting company with over 60 years of experience. We focus on Solar power, Bio gas, Hydro and Wind power generation.

Solar Power – We are a full service solar panel and system integrator; fully licensed, bonded and insured for both commercial and residential photovoltaic projects.

Biogas Production – Many in American agriculture’s livestock sector are considering digestion of animal waste for power production. This is a highly effective method of power conservation with one of the shortest payback periods.

Hydro Powder Generation – Hydropower is the largest renewable energy source in the United States and represents about 7-12% of the nation’s electricity.

Wind Power – As the market for turbine electricity through wind power generation begins to expand, higher volume production is also expected to lower costs, perhaps by as much as 30%.

We feel that education is necessary and of key importance in making environmentally friendly power choices. A greener future starts with educating our youth. Our kids page has plenty of kid-friendly tips and facts along with activities that the whole family can enjoy.

SKY Renewable Energy offers both financial and practical solutions to assist you with your specific needs. Our environmentally friendly systems truly do pay for themselves! You may even qualify for government grants and tax rebates! At SKY Renewable Energy we walk you through the entire process.

If you are ready to take the next step toward reducing your dependency on oil, help our environment and save money please give us a call. Whether it’s photovoltaic solar panel system, wind power, or any of the renewable energy options described above, we’ll sit down with you and put together an environmentally friendly system that fits your needs and budget. We have the skills to provide you with a cleaner, greener future.


There are so many incredible benefits that are offered by solar energy. It is time to take advantage of solar panels for your home. SKY Renewable Energy is a full service solar integrator; licensed, bonded and insured for both commercial and residential projects. SKY buys directly from the top solar panel and inverter manufacturers and passes this savings on to your future solar energy home. SKY is the home-owner's solar renewable consultant.
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Find experienced renewable energy consults who fuel your renewable energy world at SKY Renewable Energy. SKY Renewable Energy will work with you and your business to identify solar energy advantages and other renewable energy services that will custom fit the scope of your commercial construction project. Our client list includes private businesses, corporations, school districts, municipalities and federal agencies.
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Energy Division

Learn how SKY Renewable Energy can help you reduce your current utility bills, maximize your monthly savings, and leverage your “hard earned” dollars through the “Energize Phoenix” energy optimization rebate program.
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